As the internet is like an endless growing space, it is important to let the clients be attracted by your webpage. We build the pages from the basics, without stereotypical patterns, unnecessary functions and codes - all designed for your needs from scratch, so you really get what the most appropriate for your company is.

Eagle lander is probably the most famous space vehicle. It was the first machine which made landing on a space surface possible. It is an iconic moment that we remember as one of the biggest successes in the history of humankind. The Moon is like your webpage: your clients need the proper vehicle to land on it and to observe it.


We get your products to the internet. We are ready to fulfil your craziest requests and put it in harmony with your business model.

If you mention the term "spacecraft", the first thing people see is a rocket plane. Great machines which had absolved 135 missions during their existence from 1981 to 2011. They formed the basics on the construction of the international space station, space telescope Hubble and many other commercial satellites. They functioned as the biggest "supplier" of space"goods" on the orbital plane.

Online marketing

We make you visible among the unlimited sources of contents on the internet. We find and create SEO keywords for your webpage. We design, create and manage your online advertisement.

It is 100 times better to see than hear. Hubble has been supporting us with great backgrounds on the computer since 1990 just as the experts with pictures of the most distant galaxies and stars. It is able to zoom in on the space objects on the orbital plane (without being distracted by the phenomena in the atmosphere). Thanks to it, the space is becoming visible.

Company systems

Are you still using charts and papers to make your company work smoothly? Would you like to have an other view about the processes in your company? We create your own system, which helps you to manage your firm with an online or offline application.

international space station

The biggest and the only inhabited object in the space is the International Space Station, ISS. It is a space laboratory making experiments for the academic experts all over the world. Although the maximal number of the crew at the station is of 6 astronauts, thousands of people are working on the project from all around the world.