We create modern solutions for websites that are optimized to achieve your set goals and bring a positive turn to your business. In addition to the perfect design, we also place great emphasis on the well-thought-out construction and site responsiveness. Of course, all with the help of mobile devices, as in today´s world, most website traffic comes from such devices.

For a website not only the perfection of appearance is important, but it should also be functional. In the course of programming and website development practice for more than 10 years our company has learned to adapt flexibly to current trends and expectations appearing in the world of webdesign and web programming. We create websites that, in addition to exciting design (enriched with animations - we will definitely provide this to you as we are professionals in this) also generate profit and present your company in an above-average way.

There is more than one colleague working on a website. A designer, programmer, analyst and marketing specialist are involved in the development of all websites.


Modern website that meets your expectations

All better websites must meet the user´s expectations, which can be different, as different factors influence them. The first impression is the most important, because if the visitor is „lost“ on the site in the first seconds, he will close it and we may lose a potential customer.

Many years of our analysis and market research lead to the design and creation of first-rank websites that are simple and intuitive for visitors – UX and UI.


The website from Google´s point of view

The websites we design and construct are designed to meet Google standards. Our marketing specialists work out texts and keywords so that the page does not get lost in Google´s surch engine. SEO settings are also basic for us.


Optimisation and responsiveness of the website

Nowadays people visit websites for various reasons. Some people just surf, others look for specific information, while others want to buy something. The most importnant thing is, that they do this with different devices, some from a mobile phone, others from a computer and the types of the devices are also different.

Therefore it is very important to create so-called responsive websites that perfectly display the content of the pages.


The administration of the website – the part where the owner is managing his own contents

Nowadays every website is based in administration, each of our websites is fully possible to administrate and we use the Craft CMS system. Craft allows your team to design specific contents for your company´s projects.

The administration is 100% custom-made and safe. We do not use any dangerous opensourse system or template.

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What is the procedure if you would like a website from us?


The first step is personal consultation. Presentation of the company and clarification of the customer´s expectations.


Analysis – detailed analysis of the competition, market research. If the company already has a website, analysis of the Google Analytics (how the site visitors have behaved in the past – using positive information and finding solutions to negative user behaviour).


We design the logical structure of the page.


We develop the wireframe of the page – the information structure of the page.


Our marketing team will develop the content of the website, together with the customer.


Complete design for all devices in all resolutions.


Programming of the website.


Completion of the website with web animation.


Testing the operation of the website on various devices and resolutions.


SEO optimization of the website.


Start website operation.


Evaluation – after three months of the site operation, if the site has met the given objectives and to what extent.