About us

We are a stable company that has been placing tremendous emphasis on the quality of its work for 13 years. All thanks to our coordinated team, which we always have high expectations of, and these are usually satisfied. The development of personal freedom and corporate culture is highly important for us. We are contstantly innovatig, expanding our work environment to make everyone feel comfortable by us. We regularly organize team-buildings for further strengthening of the relationship between people. Thanks to these factors we ensure the continual operation of the company and freedom of thought to create special things.

This uniqueness has been already noticed also abroad and we have been entrusted with the implementation of some projects. Thanks to many years of experience in the digital media world, we are always able to push the boundaries of websites, ecomerce projects, online marketing, individual applications and internal systems, usually one step ahead of others. The diversity of our team allows us to look at each project as a multidisciplinary theme. We believe in the Gestalt attitude – „The whole is more than the sum of its parts.“ – that is why we are the best choice for You!

Our team

Náš tím inžinierov, dizajnérov, vývojárov a marketérov je pripravený rozširovať Vaše podnikanie.


Erik Putz ING. ERIK PUTZ CEO / CTO / Co-owner
Roland Vanyek ING. ROLAND VANYEK COO / CFO / Co-Owner


Tomi Görcs MGR. TAMÁS GÖRCS marketing campaign manager, ads specialist
Andrea Kontárová ANDREA KONTÁROVÁ social media / account manager
KG1 3921 MGR. KITTI TÓTHOVÁ marketing assistant

Web development

Gergely Fekete GERGELY FEKETE front-end developer
Juraj Nagy JURAJ NAGY full-stack developer / YUI platform

Web design/Graphic design

Erik Bognár ERIK BOGNÁR art director / web designer
KG1 3954 HORVÁTH NORBERT junior graphic designer

Cstudios Software Solutions

Gergely Horváth GERGELY HORVÁTH senior full-stack developer
Péter Orosz PÉTER OROSZ junior front end dev
KG1 3941 BARNABÁS BAKA back-end developer
Attila Tánczos ATTILA TÁNCZOS head of operations
User TIBOR CSICSAY junior back end dev