Besides the websites, creating e-shops is another our key activity. Over the last 10 years we have developed more than 20 unique online stores, thanks to which we have gained exceptional experience. We know not only the most important elements of e-shops, the modern and functional design, simple and understandable administration, but also the tricks to get ahead of competitors and, of course, also the customization of e-shops and functions. We are developing our knowledge and skills year by year and we have reached our aim by now. Our programer has developed our own CMS – YUI program for e-shops, which can provide up to more than 5 internet shops. This is a perfect base for a successful e-shop, with many modules, fast and interconnected with various external systems such as transport, payments and invoicing.

A unique, attractive design, quality UX (User Experience), simple purchase process and clear system of products will be created for this platform. The most important goal of our team is to provide the client with an individual and working online shop.